maximize your reach and build patient loyalty through medicality’s expertise in digital advertisement.

Focused Approach to Deliver Results

Our meticulously crafted and optimized online advertising campaigns across various platforms are designed to achieve your desired outcomes- broader reach and increase lead generation- to help attract more patients

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Increase Patient Engagement

Medicality’s effective online advertising strategies facilitate cross-device and cross-channel reach, empowering healthcare practices to engage their target audience at the most opportune moment and location. We are dedicated to providing top-notch digital advertising services and our comprehensive solutions promote visibility, increase patient engagement, cultivate leads, and yield a higher return on investment for you.

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digital media advertising

Social Media Campaigns

We craft multi-channel campaigns on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, carefully selecting the ideal target audience and demographics for maximum brand exposure and lead generation.

Display Campaigns

Our display campaigns, run on Google and other third-party networks, are focused on reaching high-intent audiences and promoting brand awareness with the goal of generating leads. We also retarget those who have already engaged with your practice.

Search Campaigns

Our search campaigns are crafted to target high-volume searches and high-intent audiences. We also run retargeting search campaigns for users who have already visited your website, optimizing the campaign to target keywords, brands, and competitors.

Call Tracking

Medicality’s call tracking service provides you with valuable insights, enabling you to track the location, intent, and reason for incoming calls. This information helps you to identify the performance of individual ads, campaigns, or keywords and better understand your target audience.
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